Oil Pulling Benefits

You’ve probably heard of oil pulling benefits before, but what exactly is it? Oil pulling is an ancient Asian dental practice that involves swishing 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 5-20 minutes. It’s gained popularity in the last couple years by holistic health enthusiasts.

oil pulling benefits

How it works:

Oil pulling works by bonding to the bacteria in your mouth. By swishing the oil between your teeth, the oil is able to attach to the bacteria in hard to reach areas of your mouth. Then you spit out the oil and bacteria, leaving your mouth clean and fresh. *Oil pulling is not a substitute for daily teeth brushing, it is a practice that can be added to your dental hygiene routine.

Why oil pulling is a good alternative to mouthwash

I do oil pulling instead of swishing mouthwash every morning. I don’t like using mouthwash because it is bad for the environment, when you spit it down the drain it ends up in our oceans and mouthwash kills our marine life! If it’s strong enough to kill fish, just imagine what it is doing to your body. This study found oil pulling with coconut oil to significantly reduce plaque in the mouth. Another study found that oil pulling reduced the amount of Streptococcus Mutans (which is responsible for tooth decay) in just 2 weeks.

Oil Pulling benefits:

  • Whiten teeth
  • Heal dry, cracked lips
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease by removing plaque
  • Increases circulation in the mouth

How to Oil Pull

You can oil pull anytime during the day but it is recommended to oil pull first thing in the morning. You can use any edible oil such as coconut, olive, sesame, or peanut oil. I recommend coconut oil because I think it tastes the best. However, if you don’t like the taste of the oil you’re using, try adding 1 drop of peppermint essential oil. It will make the oil taste minty fresh.

Step 1) Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it in your mouth.(Do not swallow)

Step 2) Swish for 5-20 minutes. Read, make breakfast,or take a shower while you wait.

Step 3) Rinse mouth with water and brush teeth as usual.

Step 4) Enjoy the feeling of a clean, healthy mouth!

My Personal experience with Oil Pulling:

My favorite oil for oil pulling is coconut oil. I love the fresh feeling it has on my mouth and gums. When I wake up I use my tongue cleaner to remove the plaque. Then I oil pull for about 5 minutes. I’ve noticed that my breath is fresher and my teeth are whiter. Another thing that I love is that oil pulling is completely natural and gentle. If you’ve never tried oil pulling, I highly recommend it!

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